Black Lab Committee


The Black Lab refers to the Center for Human-Computer Interaction's research lab located in rooms 155, 156, and 157 of Knowledge Works II. This lab hosts several important resources that are shared amongst many research groups. To aid in the sharing of those resources and to create an awareness of the current research going on in the lab, the Black Lab Committee was created and this website was introduced.

Lab Rules

1. Do NOT reconfigure or move any non-mobile equipment without permission from the Black Lab Committee.

2. Do NOT remove any mobile equipment from the lab without having made a reservation and contacting a Black Lab Committee member.

3. Do NOT remove ANYTHING from the building without permission from the Black Lab Committee.

4. If an equipment breaks or something is missing, notify the Black Lab Committee immediately.

5. Return reserved equipment in a timely fashion and back to Black Lab Committee.

6. Be respectful of others. The lab is a shared working area so keep the noise down.

7. Do NOT leave food or drinks in the lab.

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